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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I qualify for?

Possible loan amounts vary from person to person, based on a number of determining factors. The finance manager at the dealership you are matched with will be able to calculate the exact amount that you qualify for.

How much will I need for a down payment?

What you will need to put down on your car will be based on several factors. Your credit score, the price of your vehicle and your dealer’s requirements will all be taken into consideration. You may need no money down, 10% of the car’s total price or a different amount altogether.

Can I use my trade-in for a down payment?

If there is cash value in your current vehicle, you may absolutely use your trade-in as a down payment. However, certain restrictions may apply if there is a lien on the vehicle being traded.

What type of car can I purchase?

Typically, can help you get approved for a bad credit car loan that you can use to purchase a late model, affordable used vehicle with lower mileage. It is entirely possible, however, that a low-cost new car may also be within reach.

Will inquiries affect my credit rating?

Any time you apply for a loan, a hard inquiry is placed on your credit report. This inquiry can affect your credit rating, but only temporarily. If you are auto loan shopping, according to Experian® all inquiries related to this purpose that are made within 14 days will only count as one hard inquiry.

My car was repossessed less than a year ago. Will I still qualify?

As long as the repossession was not included in a bankruptcy, there is a good chance that we can still help you. However, because of the negative effect that the repossession has had on your credit rating, you may have to accept a higher interest rate or be expected to provide a larger down payment.

I’ve had a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Will I still qualify?

If you have been discharged from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you should be able to qualify for a bad credit auto loan. Just make sure that you have your discharge papers with you when you meet with your dealer.

I’m currently in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Will I still qualify?

With a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can qualify for a loan before being discharged as long as you have permission from your court appointed trustee to incur new debt. It normally takes two to three weeks to obtain an “Authorization to Incur Debt,” so you should consult your bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible.

I’ve never used credit before. Can I still qualify?

You absolutely can qualify with little or no credit history. has several no credit car loan programs, and getting approved for one of these loans is a good way to get started with building a good credit profile.

Will using a co-signer help?

Yes. If you are having trouble getting approved for financing, you can get someone with good credit to co-sign for you. Just remember that the person who co-signs on your loan will be responsible for making the payments if you default.

Can I use to finance a vehicle through a private seller?

No. Purchasing from a private seller can be risky because there is no way to determine whether or not the car being sold meets quality standards.

Can I use to refinance my current auto loan?

No. Since we are not a lender we only offer financing through local dealerships. However, if you get approved for a bad credit auto loan through the dealer we refer you to and your credit score improves significantly, refinancing may be an option down the road.

Should I find a car first before applying for an auto loan?

We definitely recommend that you take care of your financing before shopping for a car. Once you have completed our">auto loan request form/a>, it can be determined how much you qualify for. Knowing your car buying budget before picking out a car will save you time because you will only be looking at the vehicles that you know you can afford.

What will my monthly payments be?

Your monthly payments will be based on a number of factors including the total price of your car, your interest rate, your down payment/trade-in and the length of your loan term. Once you have met with your finance manager, determined your car buying budget and selected a vehicle, you will be assigned an affordable monthly payment.

What kind of interest rate can I expect?

Interest rates are largely based on the amount of risk involved for the lender. Loans for buyers with bad credit typically come with more risk, so a bad credit car buyer will typically have a higher interest rate than someone with fair or good credit. You can decrease lender risk and possibly your interest rate by reducing the amount of your loan with a significant down payment.

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