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Our network of dealers provides fast car loans for people with bad credit. They can overcome most issues that may have prevented loan approval in the past. These issues include low credit scores, repossession, bankruptcy and no available cash for a down payment. Whatever your situation looks like, we will make sure that you get the right auto loan based on your credit score and history.

Working with the Right Dealer

There are affordable auto loans for buyers with bad credit, but you have to work with the right dealer in order to find one. Ideally, you will want to take your business to someone who is willing to look past your credit issues, and Financing Dealers can quickly connect you with a qualified dealer right in your area. Whether you are looking for a bad credit car loan, a buy here pay here dealer, or a rent-to-own car lot, we can find a dealership for your situation. You don’t have to go all over town or make dozens of phone calls. With Financing Dealers, you only have to complete one loan request to get on the right track, right away.

Featured Vehicles

2011 BMW 5 Series

Mileage: 118,657

Price: $6,466

Location: Norcross, GA

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2005 Ford Freestyle

Mileage: 170,312

Price: $2,855

Location: West Melbourne, FL

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2004 Ford Mustang

Mileage: 151,536

Price: $7,499

Location: Forest, VA

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2004 MINI Cooper

Mileage: 170,942

Price: $4,475

Location: Raleigh, NC

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No Down Payment, No Problem

Having a down payment for your car purchase can be helpful in many ways, but sometimes it is virtually impossible to come up with that much extra cash in a short amount of time. Luckily, it is possible to buy a car with no money down even if you have bad credit. It's important to find a vehicle that works with your budget. No matter which area of the U.S. you call home, there is a qualified dealer near you who can work out a deal that suits your needs. We also provide tools and resources so that you can make informed decisions about your down payment, car options and loan terms. With our assistance, you will be able to drive away in a car you love, confident that you have made a smart choice.

  • Top 10 Franchises

    Ford - 3558

    Chevrolet - 2851

    Buick - 2425

    Chrysler - 2340

    Dodge - 2098

    Jeep - 1984

    GMC - 1524

    Toyota - 1285

    Cadillac - 1128

    Nissan - 1086

  • Bankruptcies Filed in the last 12 Weeks

    Week 46 - 9,434

    Week 45 - 8,488

    Week 44 - 10,252

    Week 43 - 10,516

    Week 42 - 9,480

    Week 41 - 8,710

    Week 40 - 7,944

    Week 39 - 12,800

    Week 38 - 9,306

    Week 37 - 9,160

    Week 36 - 6,964

    Week 35 - 12,118

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